Songs of Light

Rosicrucian Fellowship Healing Service
1. Unveil the Emblem.

2. A member reads aloud the following Rosicrucian Fellowship Service, beginning with the Rosicrucian Greeting:

My dear sisters and brothers, may the roses bloom upon your cross.

(The members respond: "And upon yours also.")

It is our custom to meet here once a week for the purpose of carrying out the second commandment of the Christ, to heal the sick. One coal will not make a fire, but where a number of coals are heaped together, the heat which is latent in each may be kindled into a flame, emitting light and warmth.

We are now massing our coals in an endeavor to generate thoughts of help and healing, and to focus them in one common direction so that they may be available to aid the Elder Brothers of the Rosicrucian Order in their beneficent work for humanity.

If we wish to be real helpers in the work which the Elder Brothers have started, we must make our bodies suitable instruments; we must purify them by clean living, for an unclean vessel cannot contain pure and wholesome water nor can a spotted lens give a true picture. Neither can pure and strong healing force be sent out from here unless we keep our minds and bodies clean and pure.

It is a privilege to be here in the midst of all these thoughts of love and prayer, and to offer ourselves as channels to receive and liberate the healing force which comes direct from the Father. But before this power can be transmitted, it must have been generated; and to do this efficiently, we should understand accurately what the method is. It is not enough that we know in a vague way of the sickness and suffering which are in the world, and that we have a dim and hazy idea of helping to alleviate this suffering, whether it be bodily or mental. We must do something definite to attain our object. Disease, we may say, is really a fire, the invisible fire which is the Father, endeavoring to break up the crystallized conditions which we have gathered in our bodies. We recognize fever as a fire, but tumors, cancers, and all other diseases are really also the effect of that invisible fire which endeavors to purify the system and free it from conditions which we have brought about by breaking the laws of nature. This very same power which is endeavoring slowly to purge the body can be greatly augmented by proper concentration (that is what prayer really is) provided we have the proper conditions.

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